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What is Rupert's?
Rupert's is a private stock analysis blog owned and operated by Appumedia Company dedicated to providing quality stock information that can be used to help make informed portfolio decisions.We do this by  reports highlighting the best stocks for your needs. Stocks are ran through our own in-house analysis program and assigned a rank based on their estimated 1 year return.

Ranking System: Rupert's Rank
  • Must Buy - 1 Year Return: 20%+
  • Strong Buy - 1 Year Return: 15-20%
  • Buy - 1 Year Return: 10-15%
  • Hold - 1 Year Return: 5-10%
  • Sell - 1 Year Return: 0-5%
  • Strong Sell - 1 Year Return: < 0%

Rupert's Stock Analyzer
RSA works by intelligently calculating the value of a stock using both corporate financials and historic pricing data. Once the value has been estimated, that value is compared to the stocks current price to determine an estimated return. RSA works over a variety of time lengths, but we use 1 year as a standard return period. Stocks are then assigned a rank with an associated expected return and inherent risk.

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