Tuesday, March 27, 2012

These 10 Tech Giant Stocks Are a Steal...

Welcome to another Rupert's Report! These Tech Giant stocks are selling at a discount right now and are set for record gains this year. They show strong corporate financials, and have a good performance track record.

These stocks are...

Company name Symbol  Last price  EPS  P/E ratio Market Cap
Microsoft Corporation   MSFT 32.59 2.76 11.8 273.46B
Google Inc   GOOG 649.07 29.75 21.82 211.03B
Intel Corporation   INTC 28.17 2.4 11.75 140.71B
SAP AG (ADR)   SAP 70.89 3.86 18.35 84.33B
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. (ADR)   TSM 15.45 0.94 16.52 80.08B
Hitachi, Ltd. (ADR)   HIT 63.44 2.59 24.45 28.66B
Adobe Systems Incorporated   ADBE 34.47 1.56 22.03 17.09B
Eaton Corporation   ETN 50.21 3.94 12.74 16.86B
Citrix Systems, Inc.   CTXS 79.74 1.87 42.55 14.80B
Rockwell Automation   ROK 81.26 5.02 16.17 11.57B

Note: Apple should clearly be at the top of this list, but as there is so much coverage on Apple as a company and as an investment, I thought it better to highlight some lesser known stocks.

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